The Samsung Group is a Korean conglomerate composed of several different businesses, including Samsung Electronics. Samsung means "three stars" or "tristar" in Korean. Samsung was founded in the mid-1950s. Samsung is a world leader in the production of consumer electronics, including microwave ovens. For the American market, Samsung makes only front-loading machines. For other markets worldwide, top-loading Samsung washing machines are also available.

The seven Samsung front-loading washing machines are all built on the same platform. They all have a 3.79 cu.ft. capacity. The new WF206BNW model features direct drive technology for reduced vibration and noise. This particular model is Energy Star compliant. Its LED display is easy to use. This machine is large enough to wash a King-size comforter. This unit includes 7 pre-set cycles and 3 optional cycles.

The Samsung WF316 includes SilverCare technology for clean and germ-free washing. SilverCare technology sanitizes without hot water to save 92% of the energy used by a traditional washer. A built-in water heater ensures that water is properly heated to kill microbes and bacteria to get clothes cleaned properly. This unit has 12 pre-set cycles and 3 optional cycles. An easy-to-read LED display makes cycle selection easy. The WF316 model is available in silver, white or champagne finishes.

The Samsung WF306 model also includes SilverCare and a 3.79 cu.ft. capacity. This washer also includes the same LED indicator as the other Samsung front-loaders. This model has 10 pre-set cycles and 3 optional cycles. This machine is available in white only.

Samsung's WF206 model has a direct drive motor that promotes reduced vibration and noise for a quiet laundry experience. This model is Energy Star compliant. It features the same LED display and easy-to-use control panel as the more deluxe Samsung machines. A built-in bleach dispenser adds bleach at precisely the right time in the cycle. This washer has 7 pre-set cycles and 3 optional cycles to get your clothes clean, whatever fabric they are made from.

Samsung washing machines are technologically advanced to get your clothes as clean as possible.



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