Roper has a strong reputation of building quality home appliances that dates back to 1874. In 1987, Roper was acquired by the Whirlpool Corporation. Roper continues to manufacture ranges, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and dryers. Roper washers are very affordable and durable as well. They are backed by the sturdy reputation of the Whirlpool Corporation which provides each Roper washer with a one year limited warranty. Roper washing machines are built with direct drive technology for easy maintenance and more reliable operation.

The Roper RTW4400 is a super capacity 3.2 cu.ft. washer. This machine has 10 separate cycles and 3 temperature settings. It includes a permanent press cycle, heavy duty cycle and quick wash cycle. A 2 piece double duty agitator gets your clothes clean. Internal bleach and fabric softener dispensers inject those products into the wash at precisely the right time. Four water level selections prevent wasted water. It is available in a white-on-white finish only.

Roper's RTW4300 also has a 3.2 cu.ft. capacity. This washer has 7 cycles, 3 temperature selections, 2 wash/spin speed combinations and 3 water level selections. It includes a spreckle porcelain basket. This washer is available only in white-on-white.

The Roper RTW4000 model features a slim 24 inch wide cabinet so you can squeeze it in to a space where a standard washer might not fit. This basic unit has 2 automatic cycles and one temperature setting. There is only one wash/spin speed combination and one water level selection.

The RTW4100 model has a 2.5 cu.ft. capacity. This machine has four cycles, including a heavy duty cycle and a permanent press cycle. There are two temperature settings and three water level selections.

If you are buying your first washing machine and you are on a budget, consider a Roper. They build solid washing machines backed by the solid reputation, and warranty, of the Whirlpool Corporation.



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