Miele is a German manufacturer of domestic appliances, commercial equipment and fitted kitchens. Miele has been making household products since 1901. Miele makes a wide variety of consumer products, including ovens, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, ventilation systems, coffee makers, washing machines and dryers. Miele washing machines are separated into standard, large and super large capacity categories.

Miele's flagship is the W4840 super large capacity front-loading washing machine. This machine has a 4.0 cu.ft. capacity. It features Miele's patented stainless steel Honeycomb wash drum technology and advanced Touchtronic controls. It includes 9 pre-set wash programs, 6 heat settings and 6 spin settings up to 1400 RPM. Extended wash and heavy soil programs allow you to clean the dirtiest laundry thoroughly. A PC update function allows you to download updates from the internet and load them onto the washer's computer brain.

The Miele Touchtronic W1215 is a large capacity washer. It, too, features the Miele stainless steel Honeycomb wash drum. This machine has 9 wash programs: normal, wrinkle-free, sanitize, extra white, woolens, delicates, silk, handwash and sturdy. There are 7 wash temperatures and 7 drum speeds available. Its digital display features a countdown function so you know exactly when your clothes will be finished.

The Miele Touchtronic W1113 is a standard capacity washer. This machine has a heavy woil program and a two hour soak options to make sure soiled clothes are cleaned. Seven wash temperatures allow you to select the right option for the particular fabric you are washing. The same nine standard wash programs as the W1215 model are present on this washer as well. Program sequence lights and fault indicators allow you to track progress of each load.

For over 100 years, Miele has been the premier name in washing machines in Europe. Miele, though relatively new to the American market, has a company history and track record that will compete with any U.S. washing machine manufacturer.



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