Kenmore is a brand name of household appliances produced mainly by Whirlpool for sale at Sears and K-Mart stores. Sears sold its first Kenmore washing machine back in 1927. By 1936, Sears had sold 1 million Kenmore laundry products. Today Kenmore manufactures a wide variety of home appliances, including outdoor grills, washing machines, dehumidifiers, sewing machines, air cleaners, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers and microwave ovens. Kenmore makes a full line of washing machines, including both front-load and top-load.

Kenmore's entry level front-loader is the HE model. This 3.1 cu.ft. washer spins at 950 RPM through its 6 wash cycles. Kenmore's Tumble Action cleaning system lifts and pushes clothes through the water. Tumble Action forces detergent and water through the fibers in your clothes and gives them a thorough wash. This model is Energy Star rated.

The Kenmore Graphite HE model is a very attractive high-capacity washing machine. Capacity is 3.6 cu.ft. and spin rate is 1200 RPM. This large-capacity model is Energy Star rated. Its tub is large enough to wash 20 bath towels in one load. Kenmore's Effective Catalyst Cleaning Action system fully saturates clothes faster and more thoroughly than ordinary washing machines.

Kenmore's 2.1 cu.ft. Compact Portable model is an entirely different machine. This top loader is designed to be used where available space is at a premium, such as in a small apartment or condo. This machine is stackable when used with the corresponding dryer. It features 4 wash cycles and 3 speed combinations. Kenmore's Quiet Pak sound insulation keeps running noise to a minimum.

Kenmore's Black Diamond Elite Oasis model is their largest capacity washing machine. This 4.5 cu.ft. top-loading unit is Energy Star rated. With this model, you will use 47% less water and 53% less energy. This model is available with a beautiful black finish and a traditional white finish.

Kenmore washers have found their way into many American laundry rooms over the years. They are trusted and well-made. With so many models available, Kenmore will have the washing machine for you.



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